Philip Wolfson, md

Philip Wolfson, md


Phil Wolfson MD is the Director of the Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates Membership Program. A variety of experienced practitioners who have highly developed experience with KAP, psychotherapy and ketamine work present their work and are available for consultation. Our interest is in dialogue with Associates that furthers person by person work, development of practices, innovation, and the evolution of our competence in providing psychotherapy as we grow this exciting, revolutionary path.

Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett


Peter brings a rich perspective to Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates with over 30 years as a transpersonal psychotherapist and social worker, and a background living in intentional communities as well as a community organizer.

Core Leadership Faculty:

Phil Wolfson, MD
Peter Corbett
Julane Andries, LMFT
Gita Vaid, MD
Monica Winsor

Leadership Consultants:

Stephen Hyde, MD
Eli Kolp, MD
Peter Koshland, Pharm D
Bessel van der Kolk
Licia Sky