ketamine psychotherapy associates overview

Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates (KPA) - an International Membership Organization Dedicated to the Practice and Advancement of Ketamine and Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates (KPA) is a part of The Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF). The essence of Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates (KPA) is its dedication to the elaboration of psychedelic psychotherapy, it’s ethical conduct and its expansion as standard of care practices through supporting practitioners worldwide. To do this KPA has a growing number of membership benefits:

  • Regular every two week group meetings—about half of these with annualized CE credits
  • Individual consultation
  • Advanced Training multi-day conferences
  • Participation in the full text access Ketamine Library
  • Participation in our data collection Redcap/Vanderbilt University automated program
  • Access to Care support for indigent patients under treatment with KPA members
  • And above all an esprit de corps in being at the forefront of our dynamic, emerging field. KPA members have privileged access to our Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF) Research protocols and to initiate new programs.

While ketamine is now the only legal psychedelic medicine available for prescription, as new medicines such as MDMA and psilocybin, come into our pharmacopeia, the experience of KPA members with psychedelic psychotherapy will be invaluable for those applications. At that point KPA will broaden its mandate, change its name, and seek to build coalitions for international advocacy for psychedelic psychotherapy.

Many of our members—now numbering over 100—come out of the Ketamine Training Center (KTC) programs that have now served over 700 practitioners. Also, we welcome membership in KPA to those who have not done the actual KTC training experience provided that they have an alternate experience and or practice with ketamine. For such membership, please send us a CV and a statement of what training you have had. Applying for membership in KPA includes a written indication that members will practice within the general CPA/ KAP philosophy and indicate agreement with our KAP ethical guidelines. We recognize that actual practices may vary in the way methodologies are applied and encourage initiative and originality that serves the ethos of psychedelic psychotherapy and the beneficial treatment of human beings.

We believe that KAP represents a novel and highly beneficial therapeutic method that has great merit in the world. Membership in KPA is exciting, collegial, and gives each of us a larger sense of presence and purpose. As with our affiliate– The Ketamine Training Center (KTC), we are in support of KPAs developing their own programs under our Mission umbrella. Consultation and use of our KTC and KRF materials are extended to Associates to enable their growth. We view our relationships as reciprocally beneficial, extending our knowledge base and our ability to improve our work with patients and our understanding and administration of KAP.

Ketamine therapies are emerging with rapidity and too often are money-driven.
KPAs recognize that we are in an increasingly competitive environment and seek to distinguish our methodology as a unique psychotherapy. We maintain a registry of Associates and their training with us and as having been participants in The Ketamine Training Center Programs. As Associates develop their own KAP nuclei, they may choose to be part of our growing public referral resource. As KPA develops its presence, it offers the possibility of becoming renowned and a resource for referrals to member practitioners nationally and internationally. KPA is pleased to support the development of KAP worldwide. KPA fully support the BPPOC scholarship initiative supporting training and participation in KPA itself.

Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates (KPA) is a part of The Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF), and as such shares in its non-profit status. While having its own cost center status and bank account, KPA participates in KRF under its tax identification number. The Board of KRF also provides direction for KPA.
In concert with the Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF).

The Improved KPA

In the interest of improving attendance, increasing membership, and our benefits to members, we are initiating changes and additions that are aimed at accomplishing these goals.

  • We are moving our every two weeks consultation/supervision/sharing meeting to Wednesdays at 9-10:30 am Pacific/12-1:30pm East
  • New Annual Fee Structure:
    – $500 for MDs, DOs
    – $400 for FNPs, NPs, and other prescribers in this category
    – $300 for therapists
    – $1,000 for a clinic group of 3-4
    – $1,500 for a clinic group of 5 or more
    Those who have paid in the last year the $1000 fee will be credited for an additional year of membership.
  • Annual renewals will be automatic based on first month of membership
  • Scheduled Annual Advanced Training.
  • CEs on a monthly meeting basis for 18 credits—proof or attendance or viewing of recording.
  • Continuation of: referral info on our site; eligibility for Access to Care; Redcap for data and record keeping; discount for personal consultations.

— Phil Wolfson, Peter Corbett, the participants in the Advanced Sharing, and the Board of KRF/KPA