Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates Program

Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates (KPA) is a part of The Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF), and as such shares in its non-profit status. While having its own cost center status and bank account, KPA participates in KRF under its tax identification number. The Board of KRF also provides direction for KPA. Previously known as CTP Affiliates, former members of that organization have now become a part of KRF and KPA, giving proper recognition of the not-for-profit nature of the Associates.

In concert with the Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF), the Associates organization pursues data collection and assessment through Vanderbilt University’s Redcap protocol—our Ketamine Data Project (KDP). We request affiliates join us in this effort to know and grow our understanding of ketamine therapies. As KRF’s finances grow, so too does its support for indigent patient’s seeking financial assistance for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) through application by therapist members of KPA.

Associates pay a membership fee and all agree to work under the umbrella view of our KAP therapeutic approach as a unifying, evolving and distinct methodology. Associates may participate in a variety of programs and, as this has a collective aspect, are encouraged to innovate and make suggestions for new programs.

We believe that KAP represents a novel and highly beneficial therapeutic method that has great merit in the world. Membership in KPA is exciting, collegial, and gives each of us a larger sense of presence and purpose. As with our affiliate– The Ketamine Training Center (KTC), we are in support of KPAs developing their own programs under our Mission umbrella. Consultation and use of our materials are extended to Associates to enable their growth. We view these relationships as reciprocally beneficial, extending our knowledge base and our ability to improve our work with patients and our understanding and administration of KAP.

Ketamine therapies are emerging with rapidity and too often are money driven. KPAs recognize that we are in an increasingly competitive environment and seek to distinguish our methodology as a unique psychotherapy. We maintain a registry of Associates and their training with us and as having been participants in The Ketamine Training Center Programs. As Associates develop their own KAP nuclei, they may choose to be part of our growing referral base, complete with an electronic badge validating their membership. As KPA develops its presence, it offers the possibility of becoming renowned and a resource for referrals to member practitioners nationally and soon Internationally.

Applying for membership in KPA includes a written indication that members will practice within the general CPA/ KAP philosophy though actual practices may vary in the way this is applied.

We welcome your inquiries.