Membership Renewal

How to renew membership

In the interest of improving attendance, increasing membership, and our benefits to members, we are initiating changes and additions that are aimed at accomplishing these goals.

  • We are moving our every two weeks consultation/supervision/sharing meeting to Wednesdays at 9-10:30 am Pacific/ 12-1:30pm East
  • New Annual Fee Structure:
    – $500 for MDs, DOs
    – $400 for FNPs, NPs, and other prescribers in this category
    – $300 for therapists
    – $1,000 for a clinic group of 3-4
    – $1,500 for a clinic group of 5 or more
    Those who have paid in the last year the $1000 fee will be credited for an additional year of membership.
  • Annual renewals will be automatic based on first month of membership
  • Scheduled Annual Advanced Training.
  • CEs on a monthly meeting basis for 18 credits—proof or attendance or viewing of recording.
  • Continuation of: referral info on our site; eligibility for Access to Care; Redcap for data and record keeping; discount for personal consultations.

— Phil Wolfson, Peter Corbett, the participants in the Advanced Sharing, and the Board of KRF/KPA


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